The Dead Dogs Motorcycle Club today is the result of an amalgamation of two clubs, which disbanded in 1987. The two clubs were the original Dead Dogs M.C.C. & Diablo M.C.C.


The Diablo Motorcycle club was formed in 1985 by the former President Robert White. The first meeting was held in a house in Linwood which was attended by 15 bikers, the club proved to be quite a success.  They then moved their meetings to the Crosslee Inn, Houston where membership grew to 45+. The Diablo disbanded in 1987. 


The Dead Dogs Motorcycle club was also formed in 1985, by the former President Gordon Luke and had it’s first meeting in the Ponderosa pub in Linwood. They had about 20 members & also disbanded in 1987. It was reformed in 1988 and was a mixture of members from both Diablo M.C.C. and Dead Dogs M.C.C. The members decided to name the new club Dead Dogs and to use the badge design of Diablo M.C.C. and to this day it remains the same.

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